Color Generator - Alexa Skill

Color Generator

Cole Carver

Or say "Alexa, enable Color Generator"

This skill can help you get a random color, a random warm color, a random cool color, or a random neutral color! Great for web design or any color needs!

This skill will return a color to you based upon criteria given.<br/>If asked for a color, Alexa will return any random color from the list of all supported HTML colors.<br/>You may also ask for Warm, Cool, or Neutral colors for colors that will fit those categories.<br/>You can also ask for non-warm, non-cool, or non-neutral colors to get any color from the list excluding the type requested.<br/><br/>Great for getting HTML compatible colors for web design, or for any other usage where you may need a color name!

Invocation Name

color generator

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Color Generator to give me a random color.
Alexa, ask Color Generator to pick any warm color.
Alexa, ask Color Generator to tell me any non-neutral color.

Release Date

July 18th 2017