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Color Convert

Chris Tieman

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Or say "Alexa, enable Color Convert"

Allows you to give Alexa a color in hex, rgb, or hsl format and have it converted to hex, rgb, or hsl formats.

This skill gives you a quick way to ask Alexa what a hex color might be when converted to rgb or hsl, and vice versa. Hex - Can be given in either 6 or 3 digit format (#ff0000, #f00) RGB - Given in format 255 0 255 HSL - Given in format 360 100 100 (Note that saturation and lightness are 0-100 scale, not 0-1) Note, when giving rgb or hsl values, any values over one hundred need to be pronounced as so. So if you want to say 255, make sure you say two hundred and fifty five instead of two fifty five.

Invocation Name

color convert

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Color Convert to convert hex F F 0 0 F F to rgb
Alexa, ask Color Convert to convert red 99 green 100 blue 50 to hsl
Alexa, ask Color Convert to convert hue 99 saturation 100 lightness 50 to rgb

Release Date

July 7th 2016