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Colonial History

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Biographies of US Colonial Figures, Key Reference Documents, including Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence. Key Colonial Battles in the US Revolution.

Looking to learn more about our Founding Fathers and the era that they lived in? This skill shares interesting historical information about the era of American Colonial History. - Ask Alexa to "Read me a Biography" and the skill will randomly select a Founding Father, and read a brief biography. If you want a specific one, you can ask for them by name by saying something like "Who was Alexander Hamilton." More than twenty biographies are available, ranging from George Washington to Elbridge Gerry. For a complete list, say "list available biographies". - Ask Alexa to "Read me a Battle" and the skill will randomly select a famous colonial era battle, then read a brief summary from it. - Also available are famous documents, including the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Just say "Read the Declaration of Independence" or "Read the Bill of Rights". - Which founders signed the Declaration are also available. There were many, so you can get them just for one state by asking something like "Who signed the Declaration of Independence from Virginia." - Can't remember which were the original thirteen? Say "List the original colonies" and they will be recited.

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colonial history

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Alexa, ask Colonial History to Read me a Biography
Alexa, ask Colonial History to Read me a Battle
Alexa, ask Colonial History to Read the Bill of Rights

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October 5th 2016