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College Football Roster Info


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Or say "Alexa, enable College Football Roster Info"

Get roster info for all college football teams in the FBS.

The College Football Roster Info skill lets you get information about any player on any team in the FBS by name or number. Simply ask Alexa about players by using their full name, last name, or number and their team and she will tell you key information about them like their height, weight, class and hometown. Note: information is current as of the start of the season, if you find numbers have changed let me know as the teams sometimes shuffle those in the first week or so.

Invocation Name

college football info

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask College Football Info who wears number Two for Alabama.
Alexa, ask College Football Info who is Watson for Clemson.
Alexa, ask College Football Info about Daniel Jones for Duke.

Release Date

September 6th 2016