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Cognitive Challenge


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Or say "Alexa, enable Cognitive Challenge"

Cognition is a fun way to test your memory skills.

Cognitive Challenge will test your memory skills in a fun game style. <br/><br/>You will be asked to complete 3 tasks. Remember and recite words, identify entities in a category and complete a sequence.<br/><br/>At the beginning of each task, the skill will provide instructions on how to complete the task.<br/><br/>The category task will randomly select from a list of fruits, vegetables or colors.<br/><br/>Optionally, the skill can send you a link to your test results. SMS messages are sent from a US SMS number, 415-200-3856.

Invocation Name

cognitive challenge

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch cognitive challenge
Alexa, open cognitive challenge
Alexa, start cognitive challenge

Release Date

December 18th 2017