CoffeeMachine - Alexa Skill


Bastiaan Slee

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Or say "Alexa, enable CoffeeMachine"

Control my Coffee Machine with your voice

This skill does control my Coffee Machine. Go ahead and make me some nice cups of coffee. If you want to develop a project like this, read the following site for instructions: Required hardware is a Raspberry Pi, and a Coffee Machine (I used a Philips Senseo) I use the Raspberry Pi to send voice communication to Alexa. But this can be replaced by anything connected to the Alexa Voice Service (Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, Invoxia Triby, Pebble Core, Nucleus,, etc). Alexa will (with the help of Lambda and IoT) send commands to the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi will do the interaction with the Coffee Machine to read the status of the machine by listening to the LED selections and Sensors, and change the status of the machine by inserting Button presses.

Invocation Name

coffee machine

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask Coffee Machine to make me Cappuccino
Ask Coffee Machine to make me Regular Coffee
Ask Coffee Machine to make me Macchiato

Release Date

September 4th 2016