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Netsanet Gebremedhin

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Or say "Alexa, enable CodonTable"

A cheatsheet for amino acid codes and codon table.

This skill is a virtual cheat sheet for the Codon Table ( Every Geneticist, Bioinformatician, Genetic Counselor as well as many other life scientists keep a paper cheat sheet at their work desk or home office to help them map a codon to an amino acid's full name, three letter code and one letter code and vice versa. This skill replaces those types cheat sheets and save users from picking, printing, affixing the cheat sheet and then physically moving, shuffle items on their desk to look things up.

Invocation Name

codon table

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask CodonTable what is the full amino acid name for TTG
what are the nucleotides for Leucine
Get me the codons for phenylalanine

Release Date

July 1st 2017