CodeCracker - Alexa Skill


Abraham Maslow


Or say "Alexa, enable CodeCracker"

Puzzle game based on Mastermind.

Crack the code and save the day! Based on the Mastermind puzzle game from 1970, this game will test your wits and wiles! The code is randomly generated and consists of 4 nodes. Each node can either be red, blue, yellow, or green. Guess all four nodes in the correct order to crack the code! For every guess, Alexa will tell you how many nodes you guessed correctly (correct color and correct place), how many nodes you missed (correct color and incorrect place), and how many nodes you got wrong (incorrect color). Flex your logic skills and crack the code!

Invocation Name

code cracker

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Code Cracker for an easy code
Try red green yellow blue
Is it green green blue red

Release Date

May 19th 2016