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Code Word

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Or say "Alexa, enable Code Word"

Try to figure out the Code Word in as few clues as possible!

Code Word is a fun game for people of all ages where you try to guess the word Alexa is thinking of. Each round, she'll give you clues as to what the Code Word is. You can make a guess, ask for the next clue, or ask her to repeat the last clue she gave you. The less clues you need, the more points you earn! New Code Words and clues are added weekly, and Alexa keeps track of your total score after each game you finish (must complete all 5 rounds).<br/><br/>If you have suggestions or feedback, please reach out to me at I read every email and take all customer feedback to heart. If you enjoyed the game, I would appreciate a 5 star review to help support development of this game and future skills for Alexa.

Invocation Name

code word

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Code Word
Alexa, play Code Word
Alexa, play the game Code Word

Release Date

November 30th 2017