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Cockatoo News brings you breaking news from 90+ sources covering politics, sports, and more. You can hear news from various channels and search queries you like

Cockatoo News brings you the latest breaking news from 90+ sources. You can stay up to date on politics, sports, finance, entertainment, and obtain multiple perspectives to gain a comprehensive, unbiased understanding of the ongoing news stories from our diverse news sources. Cockatoo News can read headlines and the first two paragraphs of news articles to help you scan through breaking news; it can also read the rest paragraphs in news articles at your request. Besides, you can select news from any channel, source, or search query to listen. To get started, just tell Alexa one of the following phrases:<br/><br/>- Alexa, enable Cockatoo News (Alexa will install Cockatoo News skill)<br/>- Alexa, open Cockatoo News<br/>- Alexa, read news (Cockatoo News will read headline and the first two paragraphs of one of the breaking news)<br/>- Alexa, details (Cockatoo News will read current news from the third paragraph)<br/>- Alexa, next (Cockatoo News will skip current and go to the next news)<br/>- Alexa, previous<br/>- Alexa, politics channel/sports channel/business channel/entertainment channel (Cockatoo News will read headline and the first two paragraphs of one news from a specific channel)<br/>- Alexa, read news from CNN/read news from ESPN (Cockatoo News will read headline and the first two paragraphs of one news from a specific source)<br/>- Alexa, give me news about Trump (Cockatoo News will read headline and the first two paragraphs of one news about a search query)<br/>- Alexa, repeat<br/>- Alexa, help me<br/>- Alexa, send this news to my phone<br/><br/><br/>The following conversation demonstrates how users can interact with Cockatoo News<br/><br/>User (U): Alexa, open Cockatoo News<br/>Alexa (A): Welcome to Cockatoo News<br/>U: Alexa, read news<br/>A: (read news headlines and the first two paragraphs) Amazon acquired whole foods &hellip;<br/>U: Alexa, next<br/>A: Kershaw had a strong rehabilitation start &hellip;<br/>U: Alexa, details<br/>A: (read from the third paragraphs) He pitched five innings, &hellip;<br/>U: Alexa, politics channel<br/>A: Mueller investigated Flynn&rsquo;s involvement in seeking Clinton emails<br/>U: Alexa, read news from CNN<br/>A: North Korea threatened to launch missiles &hellip;<br/>U: Alexa, give me news about Trump<br/>A: Trump shuts down his manufacturing and business councils &hellip;<br/>U: Alexa, next<br/>A: Some Republicans consider 2020 as Trump struggling &hellip;<br/>U: Alexa, details<br/>A: She is considered a possible candidate for the presidency in 2020 &hellip;<br/>&hellip;

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cockatoo news

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Alexa open Cockatoo News
Read news
Tell me finance news

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September 8th 2017