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Coach Leana

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Or say "Alexa, enable Coach Leana"

Coach Leana gives insights, targeted feedback and personalized tips will support and guide your journey to achieving health and weight goals.

Say &quot;open Coach Leana&quot; (pronounced &quot;Lean-er&quot;, get it?) to get started. You will be prompted to provide your current weight and target weight. <br/><br/>Log your weight each day and receive tips and motivation to help you reach your goals. After the first week, we will be able to analyse your progress. <br/><br/>Once the Skill is open, commands which are understood: <br/>- &quot;Set a new goal&quot; / &quot;Set a new target weight&quot; <br/>- &quot;Record my weight&quot; / &quot;Log my current weight&quot;. <br/>- &quot;Get my status report&quot; <br/>- &quot;Delete the last weight&quot; <br/><br/>Saying 'Help' at any time will provide you with context sensitive help with whatever you are doing. <br/><br/>Tips: <br/>- You can provide weights in pounds or kilograms. <br/>- A weight such as &quot;165&quot; can be said as &quot;one hundred and sixty five&quot; or &quot;one sixty five&quot;. <br/>- Decimal places are understood (e.g. &quot;ninety six point five&quot; for 96.5). In fact, using decimals really helps Alexa understand numbers. <br/><br/>Say, &quot;Alexa, enable Coach Leana&quot; to get started now.

Invocation Name

coach leana

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Coach Leana
Alexa, start Coach Leana
Alexa, open Coach Leana

Release Date

December 31st 2017