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Cloud Height

Sean Sheedy

Or say "Alexa, enable Cloud Height"

Discover how high the clouds are with Cloud Height!

Have you ever looked into the sky and wondered, &quot;By golly, how high are the clouds on this fine day?&quot; Well, wonder no more! Cloud Height is a fun way to discover cloud height! Simply ask Alexa!<br/><br/>Cloud Height attempts to determine cloud height and coverage information from measurement stations across the United States as obtained from the National Weather Service's ADDS Text Data Server at, using the zip code stored for your device in the settings section of the Alexa app.<br/><br/>STAY SAFE! HAZARDOUS AND SEVERE WEATHER CAN KILL! <br/><br/>This skill may be used for looking up into the sky and wondering how high the clouds are on a pleasant day. The cloud information provided may not be accurate, current, or even near you. The skill must not be used or relied upon for any other purpose. It must NEVER be used to judge the approach or presence of hazardous or severe weather.

Invocation Name

cloud height

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Cloud Height how high the clouds are.
Alexa, ask Cloud Height to get me cloud info.
Alexa, ask Cloud Height for the cloud height.

Release Date

June 30th 2017