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Alexa is always learning and wants to learn more about other languages and cultures. Teach her about your language through the Cleo skill.

Are you fluent in more than one language or dialect? Alexa is always learning and wants to discover more about other languages and cultures. Cleo is a game that gives you the opportunity to share your language and culture with Alexa. <br /><br />Getting started:<br />1. Say &ldquo;Alexa, open Cleo.&rdquo; (Pronounced: KLEE-oh)<br />2. Alexa will describe how the skill works and ask you for the language you speak. Say the name of your language in English (e.g. French, Mandarin, Hindi). <br />3. Alexa will ask you to confirm the language and will move into the first learning round.<br />4. During each round, Alexa will ask you to say five things in your language. Wait for her to prompt you and then go ahead and respond in the language you specified. She may ask you to say something specific or to just say anything at all. The type of round will differ each time you play.<br />5. Aim to speak as naturally as possible in your language. It&rsquo;s better to say something naturally then to translate. <br />6. To close Cleo during a learning round, just say &ldquo;Alexa, exit.&rdquo;<br />7. Want a summary for how much you&rsquo;ve contributed so far? Just say, &ldquo;Alexa, ask Cleo how I&rsquo;m doing.&rdquo;<br /><br />Each phrase you contribute will make Alexa smarter. You accumulate points for each phrase and can level up throughout the week. You earn bonus points for each consecutive day you play in a single week. See if you can reach Diamond level before the next Monday (UTC time). <br /><br />Sample Interaction:<br />User: Alexa open Cleo.<br />Alexa: Welcome back! Would you like to continue teaching me French?<br />User: Yes.<br />Alexa: OK, think of a city where they speak French. Ask me for the weather there.<br />User: Quel temps fait-il &agrave; Toulouse?<br />Alexa: Ask me for the time.<br />User: Quelle heure est-il?<br />Alexa: Think of your favorite French song. Ask me to play it.<br />User: Joue La Vie en Rose par Edith Piaf.<br />Alexa: Think of an actor. Ask me when they were born.<br />User: Quand est-ce que Jean Dujardin est n&eacute;?<br />Alexa: Think of a store where you shop. Ask me when it opens.<br />User: &Agrave; quelle heure est-ce que Carrefour ouvre?<br />Alexa: Thanks! Would you like to do another round?<br />User: Yes!<br /><br />*Cleo was developed by a team of linguists and data scientists who share a passion for languages and dialects from around the world. If you experience issues using the skill or would like to share feedback, please submit feedback through the Alexa app, ATTN: cleo-dev.<br /><br />Levels:<br />Bronze: 50 points<br />Silver: 100 points<br />Gold: 200 points<br />Platinum: 500 points<br />Diamond: 1000 points<br /><br />Daily Bonus:<br />1st day: 0<br />2nd day: 5<br />3rd day: 10<br />4th day: 20<br />5th day: 50<br />6th day: 100<br />7th day: 200

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Alexa, open Cleo.
Alexa, ask Cleo how I'm doing.

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February 4th 2017