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Or say "Alexa, enable ClearPass Info"

The ClearPass Info skill allows you to interact with your ClearPass deployment to learn realtime session statistics on your Enterprise network.

The ClearPass Info Skill is designed to work with your Aruba ClearPass 6.6 deployment and allow you to access the network session statistics associated with any authenticated devices on your network. The Skill is based on the ClearPass 6.6 release and the new Extensions framework. An Alexa Skill Extension has been published and can be installed on your ClearPass to allow for the connection to your authorized Amazon Echo device. For more information on installing ClearPass Extensions, please refer to During the process of enabling the ClearPass Info Skill, you will be requested to link your Amazon Alexa App to an account within Aruba. This account will be your existing Aruba support account and you will be able to simply authorize your Amazon Echo to use your account identity for all voice commands within the ClearPass Info Skill. The configuration of the Alexa Extension on your ClearPass deployment allows you to identify 3 different classes of network within your business that you would like to receive real-time updates on via Alexa: * guest * corporate * event The configuration allows you to map your site specific network names to these generic network types that will be used as part of the Alexa skill command set. For example, you could try 'Alexa, ask ClearPass how many devices are connected to the guest network'. In this case the configuration could map 'guest' to 'ACME-Visitor'. The ClearPass Info Alexa Skill will continue to evolve and add new capabilities over the coming months including the heavily requested Enterprise Network daily briefing. Stay tuned for updates. Disclaimer: The ClearPass Info skill may not be suitable for all ages

Invocation Name

clear pass

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask clearpass how many devices connected to the corporate network
Alexa, ask clearpass for the number of users on the guest network
Alexa, open clearpass

Release Date

August 29th 2016