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Or say "Alexa, enable Cleaning Buddy"

Fully clean your home with step-by-by step cleaning tasks given to you by Alexa

Fully clean your home with step-by-by step cleaning tasks given to you by Alexa. There are 4 cleaning modes to choose from: daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonally. Alexa will motivate you with uplifting music when you complete a cleaning mode. Take the guesswork out of cleaning, and let Alexa be your cleaning buddy. You can now compete against other players! See update information. *Update 2* -Fixed expired cleaning sessions not restarting. *Update 1* -Added a points system. Points are gained through completing cleaning tasks. Points are used to add new songs and to earn cleaning facts and tips. -Play against other users and find out what your rank is when you level up. -Cleaning is done on schedule according to the timezone of the user. For example, a user can only complete the daily clean once per day, so the points system is fair and balanced. Cleaning tasks were inspired by Rachel Hoffman's awesome book: Special thanks to sound contributors: Disclaimer: This skill may not be suitable for all ages. This skill is for entertainment purposes only. It is recommended that you speak with a medical doctor before performing any strenuous physical activities.

Invocation Name

cleaning buddy

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start cleaning buddy
Alexa, launch cleaning buddy
Alexa, open cleaning buddy

Release Date

October 4th 2016