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Class Notes by Hoogalit


Or say "Alexa, enable Class Notes by Hoogalit"

With Class Notes, teachers quickly capture thoughts and reminders, or share class news directly to parents' home Echos, email or text.

With Class Notes, teachers can conveniently capture quick notes, reminders, or share updates to parents, in the flow of their day, even with their hands full, just by speaking to Alexa. They can also categorize it, and optionally, add an important date, like a due date for an event. You can also manage notes in the companion web app.<br/><br/>So, a teacher might say &quot;Alexa, ask Class Notes to add buy poster boards after school&quot; or &ldquo;Alexa, ask Class Notes to add that back to school night is coming&rdquo; and everything spoken after the word &quot;add&quot; is captured to your note. Alexa then asks if you&rsquo;d like to categorize, add a date or share it parents.<br/><br/>To start using Class Notes, first enable the skill and then link your account by signing in with your Amazon account. Check your inbox for a confirmation email. Then, click the teacher or parent link to finalize the setup process, which includes connecting parents and teachers to the right class and school.<br/><br/>Once you&rsquo;re setup you can try saying:<br/><br/>Alexa, ask Class Notes to add check the time for music class.<br/>Alexa, ask Class Notes to add we learned about the rings of Saturn.<br/><br/><br/>And for parents, you can hear class updates, once you&rsquo;ve got the Access Code from your teacher, you can say:<br/><br/>Alexa, ask Class Notes for the latest.<br/><br/>We're continually improving Class Notes to make it more powerful for teachers during their busy days in the classroom, and for parents to stay connected in the classroom. We'd love your kind and constructive feedback to make it even better.<br/><br/>Please see our privacy policy

Invocation Name

class notes

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Class Notes to add buy poster board this afternoon.
Alexa, ask Class Notes for the latest.
Alexa, tell Class Notes to add we had a guest speaker. Find out who it was.

Release Date

October 23rd 2017