CityVerve CDP Lighting - Alexa Skill

CityVerve CDP Lighting


Smart Home

Or say "Alexa, enable CityVerve CDP Lighting"

Alexa app that controls a Cisco CDP Sandbox development instance. This demonstrates voice control for the CityVerve project. Use Ask City Verve to start.

This skill interfaces to a Cisco CDP development sandbox in Cisco DevNet. It allows you to demonstrate Alexa voice control over the items in the City Digital Platform. You can currently ask City Verve to control the lights in the sandbox. You require accounts on the DevNet Manchester instance to be able to view the Web Dashboard to see the effects of this skill.

Invocation Name

city verve

Interaction Examples

Alexa Ask City Verve to turn the lights off
Alexa Ask City Verve to turn the lights on

Release Date

February 10th 2017