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Circuit Warz Level one



Or say "Alexa, enable Circuit Warz Level one"

Circuit Warz Level One Resistor Series Parallel Circuit

This skill allows you to solve the Series Parallel Resistor puzzle on level one of the Circuit Warz game. To use the skill you need to have the Circuit Warz game. The game is educational and is available to download for free from Google Play as a PC game from the project website. Circuit Warz is electrical and electronic engineering education re-imagined and allows you to learn basic electronic circuits in new and exciting ways. There are seven complete levels to assess your knowledge of basic electronic circuits including Series/parallel circuits, RC filter, Graetz Bridge, Wheatstone bridge, Weighted summing amplifier, Transistor switch and Oscillator circuits. When you enter level one of the game you are given an input voltage value, the values of resistors R2 and R3 and a target output voltage to achieve. You then have to calculate the correct value of R1 to achieve the target output voltage value. To do this just say "Alexa open circuit wars level one" and she will respond with your mission. Then ask "what are my objectives". You will then be prompted to give the values of resistors R2, R3 and the target output voltage. Alexa will use these inputs to calculate the value of R1 ensuring you get 100% in the game every time. Say "help" if you get stuck.

Invocation Name

circuit wars level one

Interaction Examples

Alexa open circuit wars level one
what are my objectives
one thousand ohms ten thousand ohms and two point zero four volts

Release Date

September 5th 2016