Circlepix - Alexa Skill



Or say "Alexa, enable Circlepix"

Get the number of social media engagements that PIXsocial generated for you during the previous week.

Circlepix allows you to check the number of social media engagements that you've received from your PIXsocial posts during the last week.<br/><br/>This skill requires an active Circlepix account with an active PIXsocial membership.<br/><br/>In order to invoke skill, you must say either &quot;ask&quot; or &quot;open&quot; followed by the word &quot;Circlepix&quot;.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Circlepix for my PixSocial statistics.
Alexa, ask Circlepix about my statistics.
Alexa, open Circlepix and get my stats.

Release Date

October 3rd 2017