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Cinnamon Roll

Alex Nicholls

Or say "Alexa, enable Cinnamon Roll"

How to make cinnamon rolls. This skill will walk you through the process of making the dough by hand, and how to to make the icing to put on top!

Have you ever wanted to make cinnamon rolls? Well now you can with these easy steps and instructions you will be the star of the household for years to come. This skill will walk you through the steps, even if you don't have a bread machine, you will be baking in no time. All you need to make these bites of heaven is a scale, a oven and the will to make them!<br/>If you ever miss an instruction you may check the flashcards shown by the app to see a written down version. In addition, for those long periods of rising bread you may pause the instructions and come back to exactly where you left off!

Invocation Name

cinnamon roll maker

Interaction Examples

"Alexa, start Cinnamon Roll Maker"
"Alexa, ask Cinnamon Roll Maker for ingredients"
"Alexa, ask Cinnamon Roll Maker to begin cooking"

Release Date

September 14th 2017