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Cielo Smart Home

Cielo Wigle Inc.

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Or say "Alexa, enable Cielo Smart Home"

Control your Breez enabled ductless systems through Amazon Alexa.

You will need:<br/>1. Breez smart Controller.<br/>2. &quot;Cielo Home&quot; app available for Android and iOS platforms.<br/>3. Create a Cielo Home account using the Cielo Home app.<br/>4. Register Breez with your Cielo Home account.<br/><br/>How to Control using Amazon Alexa:<br/><br/>1. You will need an internet connected Breez smart controller.<br/>2. A ductless system already being controlled by Breez through &ldquo;Cielo Home&rdquo; app.<br/><br/>How to setup Cielo Smart Home Skill:<br/>Enable the skill &quot;Cielo Smart Home&quot; and link your &quot;Cielo Home&quot; account with Alexa then discover your devices. To discover your devices, you must say &ldquo;Alexa, discover my Devices&rdquo; and it will configure your Cielo Breez smart controller with Alexa.<br/>You are all set to control your ductless system with simple commands like:<br/><br/>Alexa, turn on &quot;your Breez name&quot;<br/>Alexa, set &quot;your Breez name&quot; to 72 degrees<br/>Alexa, turn off &quot;your Breez name&quot;<br/><br/>Just Say it and see the magic happening!!!

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on Bedroom.
Alexa, set Bedroom to 72 degrees.
Alexa, increase Bedroom by 2 degrees.

Release Date

September 28th 2017