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Cielo Home

Cielo Wigle Inc.

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Or say "Alexa, enable Cielo Home"

Control your Breez enabled ductless systems through Amazon Alexa.

You will need:<br/><br/>1. Breez smart Controller.<br/>2. &quot;Cielo Home&quot; app available for Android and iOS platforms.<br/>3. Create a Cielo Home account using the Cielo Home app.<br/>4. Register Breez with your Cielo Home account.<br/><br/>How to Control using Amazon Alexa:<br/><br/>1. You will need an internet connected Breez smart controller.<br/>2. A ductless system already being controlled by Breez through &ldquo;Cielo Home&rdquo; app.<br/><br/>How to setup Cielo Home Skill:<br/><br/>Enable the skill &quot;Cielo Home&quot; and link your &quot;Cielo Home&quot; account with Alexa.<br/><br/>You are all set to control your ductless system with simple commands like:<br/><br/>Alexa, start Cielo Home.<br/>Power On &quot;your Breez name&quot;<br/>Power Off &quot;your Breez name&quot;<br/>Set &quot;your Breez name&quot; temperature to 72<br/><br/>Just Say it and see the magic happening!!!

Invocation Name

cielo home

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start Cielo Home.
Power On Bedroom.
Set Bedroom temperature to 72.

Release Date

June 21st 2017