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Church of The Highlands (Unofficial)

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Listen to any Sunday sermon from Church of the Highlands! You can also hear the daily One Year Bible devotional to start your day!

Church of The Highlands changed my life by leading me to a relationship with Jesus that I never felt possible. I want others to have that opportunity as well by any means it can be provided. With this skill you can listen to any of the Sunday services from Church of The Highlands, so that if you miss a Sunday or you don't live near one of their campuses, you can just ask, and it will be played. The One Year Bible, which has also significantly impacted my life, comes with a devotional that is featured on Church of The Highlands' web site that you can have read to you as well. It is always full of wisdom and truth. My hope with building this is that you can have your own unique and intimate relationship with God through Jesus, who died just for you! I would love to hear about it in our ratings and comments section. Enjoy and may God bless you!<br /><br />Note: This skill is not sponsored by or endorsed by Church of The Highlands. I built this on my own time and for no compensation whatsoever.

Invocation Name

my church

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask my church to play last Sunday's service.
Alexa, ask my church to play the sermon titled understanding the bible.
Alexa, ask my church to read me today's one year bible devotional.

Release Date

February 23rd 2017