Chuck Norris Jokes [ Unofficial ] - Alexa Skill

Chuck Norris Jokes [ Unofficial ]


Or say "Alexa, enable Chuck Norris Jokes [ Unofficial ]"

This skill provides you some awesome chuck norris jokes, Specially crafted for awesome chucknorris fans. This is a unofficial skill.

When you are asked &quot;Are you Ready for some joke ? You can say YES or NO.&quot;<br/>Once you say YES then you are entertained with funny chuck norris joke.<br/>You can ask for &quot;HELP&quot; when prompted for YES/NO response.<br/>You can ask the skill to &quot;STOP&quot; when prompted for YES/NO response.<br/>You can say &quot;NO&quot; to exit the skill when prompted for &quot;YES/NO&quot;<br/>Special thanks to for providing API.<br/>Note : This is a unofficial skill

Invocation Name

funny jokes

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open funny jokes
Alexa, start funny jokes

Release Date

November 30th 2017