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Christmas Feel The Pressure

Drew Cosgrove

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Join Santa, Rudolf and Snowball for family fun, in the Christmas edition of Feel the Pressure.

This game is called Christmas Feel the Pressure.<br/><br/>Santa, Rudolf and Snowball take turns to ask you Christmas themed questions in this family quiz. <br/><br/>There are lots of festive sound effects and Christmas jokes to put everyone in the Christmas mood.<br/><br/>Some questions are easy, some questions are hard.<br/><br/>You need 10 correct answers in a row, to win.<br/><br/>Merry Christmas!<br/><br/>If you have any issues, or find any bugs, please email me at and I&rsquo;ll resolve.<br/><br/>If you'd like to see more games by the author, just type &quot;Drew Cosgrove&quot; into the search bar on the Alexa App or Amazon Skills page.

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christmas feel the pressure

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Release Date

November 23rd 2017