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Christmas Countdown Checklist

Wing Yan Fan

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Or say "Alexa, enable Christmas Countdown Checklist"

Get ready for Christmas with this essential Christmas Countdown Checklist! It tells you how many days before Christmas, and reminds you today's checklist.

Get ready for Christmas with this handy Christmas Countdown Checklist! <br/><br/>It not only tells you how many days it is before Christmas, it also reminds you what you need to do today to prepare for Christmas. Christmas Countdown Checklist is filled with holiday planning ideas that helps you get ready for Christmas easily and stress-free!<br/><br/>The skill counts down each week beginning at 7 weeks before Christmas, 6 weeks before Christmas, and 5 weeks before Christmas. It then counts down everyday during the 25 days before Christmas.<br/><br/>Just say &quot;Christmas Checklist&quot;.

Invocation Name

christmas checklist

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Christmas Checklist
Alexa, start Christmas Checklist
Alexa, launch Christmas Checklist

Release Date

November 8th 2017