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Christmas Challenge


Or say "Alexa, enable Christmas Challenge"

How much do you know about CHRISTMAS? Compete with players all around the world!

Answer questions about X-Mas and identify Christmas songs with the help of short music clips. Compete with players all around the world by means of a global highscore list!<br/><br/>In the Christmas Challenge a game consists of 10 questions. Every question has 4 answer possibilities (A, B, C or D). Starting from 100 points, the value of each question is increasing by 100 points every round but at the same time the questions are getting more difficult. (Question 1: 100 points, Question 2: 200 Points, .... Question 10: 1000 Points) At the end of the game the player will be informed which place in the world wide highscore he can take with the achieved score.<br/><br/>To start a game you just have to say &quot;Alexa, start Christmas Challenge&quot;. The voice command &quot;Repeat question&quot; lets Alexa repeat the question including the 4 answer possibilities.<br/><br/>If you like the game we would be pleased about a 5 star rating on Amazon. If there are any problems, crashes or questions please contact us via email (!<br/><br/><br/>Available commands to start the game:<br/>==============================================<br/><br/>* Alexa, start Christmas Challenge<br/>* Alexa, open Christmas Challenge<br/>* Alexa, play Christmas Challenge<br/><br/><br/>Available commands in game:<br/>==============================================<br/><br/>* Answer A | B | C | D<br/>* Answer 1 | 2 | 3 | 4<br/>* Repeat question<br/>* Help<br/>* Cancel

Invocation Name

christmas challenge

Interaction Examples

Alexa start Christmas Challenge
Choose Answer A
Repeat question

Release Date

December 12th 2017