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Christian FM


Or say "Alexa, enable Christian FM"

Uplifting and Encouraging!

Christian FM brings you music that music that uplifts and friends that always encourage. <br/>You can listen to us live, or listen to the Brant and Sherri podcast.<br/><br/>Once you've enabled the skill, say &quot;Alexa, open Christian FM,&quot; then follow the prompt from there.<br/><br/>You can also say &quot;Alexa, ask Christian FM...&quot;<br/>&quot; listen live.&quot;<br/>&quot; play the Brant and Sherri Podcast.&quot;<br/><br/>For instructions on interacting with this skill, just say &quot;help.&quot;

Invocation Name

christian f. m.

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Christian FM.
Ask Christian FM to listen live.
Ask Christian FM to play the Brant and Sherri podcast.

Release Date

June 28th 2017