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Chore Tracker



Or say "Alexa, enable Chore Tracker"

Can't remember the last time you did some chore or task? Tell Alexa, and the next time you ask, she'll remind you :)

Don't just use the smell test to figure out when you last washed your jeans. Tell Alexa to, &quot;tell Chore Tracker I washed my jeans December 10th.&quot; Then, months later when you're deciding between grabbing something clean, or picking your comfortable jeans up from the floor, ask, &quot;Alexa, ask Chore Tracker when's the last time I washed my jeans?&quot;<br/><br/>Use Chore Tracker to remember the last time you did a variety of chores and tasks:<br/> - went to the gym<br/> - called Mom<br/> - shaved my legs<br/> - vacuumed the living room rug<br/> - got car maintenance<br/>...and more!<br/><br/>The chore you want to add not able to be found easily by Alexa? Submit your requests to add more chores at:<br/>

Invocation Name

chore tracker

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell Chore Tracker I cleaned the kitchen today.
I washed the car on Sunday
When's the last time I washed the car?

Release Date

April 27th 2017