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Chk-In Cam



Or say "Alexa, enable Chk-In Cam"

Home Security

If you own one or more Chk-In camera, enabling this skill set allows you to:<br/>- Turn your camera ON, or<br/>- Turn your camera OFF<br/>Launching user installed apps from Google Play is currently not supported in this Smart Home skill. <br/>To use Alexa with Chk-In camera, please followed the steps below:<br/>1. Created an account on by registering your camera.<br/>2. Launch Alexa app and go to &quot;Menu-&gt;Skill&quot;. Type &quot;Chk-In Cam&quot; into Search bar. Follow by Enabling the Skill set.<br/>3. You will be redirect to Chk-In Login page, enter your email and password.<br/>4. You will be asked to do Device Discovery after you have successfully login to Chk-In. <br/>5. Once your camera has been discovered, you will be able to give voice command to your camera.

Invocation Name

Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on bedroom camera
Alexa, turn on living room camera
Alexa, turn off bedroom camera

Release Date

March 26th 2017