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Chk-In Cam - Advanced Skills



Or say "Alexa, enable Chk-In Cam - Advanced Skills"

Home Security

With Alexa, you can control your Chk-In camera using voice commands.<br/><br/>To pair your camera with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, please do the following, <br/>1. Launch Alexa app<br/>2. Go to skills and find &quot;Chk-In Cam - Advanced Skills&quot;<br/>3. Click Enable and enter User Name and Password when prompted.<br/>4. Click Authorize to allow Alexa to connect to your cameras<br/>5. Done. <br/><br/>Now you can control your camera with your voice.<br/>- Turn your camera ON or OFF, and<br/>- Arm your camera when it detects loud sound or motion, and<br/>- Playback event recordings

Invocation Name

check inn cam

Interaction Examples

Alexa open Check Inn Cam
Alexa, ask Check Inn Cam the status of my camera
Alexa, ask Check Inn Cam to turn on camera

Release Date

April 26th 2017