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Chicken Scoop

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Or say "Alexa, enable Chicken Scoop"

Adopt a Chicken Coop with the Chicken Scoop!

Peer into the lives of a small flock of birds in a back yard in Saint Paul, MN. All you need is your Alexa enabled device to connect to this coop and be a virtual chicken owner!<br/><br/>Ask Alexa &quot;who's nesting&quot; or &quot;any eggs today&quot; to find out what the ladies have been up to! Create an account at to see the dashboard or order your own Chicken Scoop!

Invocation Name

chicken scoop

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Chicken Scoop is someone laying an egg?
Alexa, ask Chicken Scoop whats the temperature in the coop?
Alexa, ask Chicken Scoop who laid eggs today?

Release Date

May 29th 2017