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Chicago Bikes

Bernardi Bytes

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Or say "Alexa, enable Chicago Bikes"

real-time station information on all Chicago shared bikes (Divvy Bikes)

Chicago Bikes gives you real-time station information of all the Divvy bike share stations located within the Chicago land area. Jusk ask for the station status of your favorite Divvy station names and Alexa will tell you how many available bikes and how many available docks are at that station. Most station names are the name the of intersection that the Divvy station is close to (i.e. Peoria St. and Jackson Blvd.) other names are the name of the landmark the station is close to (i.e. Millennium Park).

Invocation Name

chicago bikes

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Chicago Bikes for station info for Peoria Street and Jackson Boulevard
station status of Millennium Park
about Bissell Street and Armitage Avenue

Release Date

August 12th 2016