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Chicago Beach Information


Or say "Alexa, enable Chicago Beach Information"

Ask Chicago beach sensors for current water temperature. Helpful for swimmers or beach goers!

Queries Chicago Beach Data for automatic water sensor data. Gives temperature or water safety readings for any sensor that is currently online and giving data including the following beaches:<br/><br/>Montrose Beach*<br/>Ohio Street Beach*<br/>Calumet Beach*<br/>Osterman Beach*<br/>Rainbow Beach*<br/>Margaret T Burroughs Beach<br/>South Shore Beach<br/>Leone Beach<br/>Marion Mahony Griffin Beach<br/>Humboldt Beach<br/>Foster Beach<br/>Rogers Beach<br/>Hartigan Beach<br/>Oak Street Beach<br/>Howard Beach<br/>Oakwood Beach<br/><br/>Only those names marked with an asterisk will give you temperature readings. You must say the full name of the beach to work properly. If available (sensors may often be offline or unavailable), the most recent water temperature reading in Fahrenheit will be given to you.

Invocation Name

chicago beaches

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Chicago Beaches what is the temperature at Ohio Street Beach
Alexa, ask Chicago Beaches is Howard Beach safe
Alexa, ask Chicago Beaches how cold is Rainbow Beach

Release Date

August 19th 2017