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Or say "Alexa, enable Chesster"

Channel your inner Bobby Fischer and put your skills to the test in this AI powered chess game.

Have you ever found yourself in a semi-quiet room shouting out random chess moves much to the bewilderment of your friends, family or colleagues? Well no longer shall you toil away in nerdy awkwardness, for now you can put your knowledge of chess and ownership of an Echo device to great use. Chesster is a simple voice based AI chess game designed as an experimentation in Alexa gaming. How many moves can you think ahead in an attempt for world domination - or probably more accurately - are you prepared to flaunt your smug living room armchair superiority? In any event have fun and let us know how you like it... For feedback, compliments, problems, compliments, concerns or just compliments - feel free to email us at or reach us on Twitter @ChessterSkill

Invocation Name

chess match

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch chess match
Alexa, tell chess match to move pawn to b three
Alexa, tell chess match to show me the board

Release Date

July 29th 2016