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Or say "Alexa, enable Chess Master"

Play against Alexa in a game of chess to test your wits.

TrojanTome's Chess Master allows you to play against Alexa in quick-and-calculated chess match. All chess rules apply. You can keep track of the game either through a conventional chess board (though you would have to handle both sides of the game), or through the Alexa companion app, which updates with generated images of the chess game as you play. For more on the functionality of the skill (such as difficulty levels), simply ask Chess Master for help at any time.<br/><br/>On activating the skill for the first time, Chess Master will ask you to sign into your Amazon account through the Alexa companion app, as this will allow the skill to keep track of your game if you decide to stop playing in the middle of a match. Good luck!<br/><br/>***NOTE: If you encounter an error or any other issues while using this skill, please do not hesitate to email us at That being said, feel free to also reach out to us with comments and suggestions as well!

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chess master

Interaction Examples

Alexa open Chess Master

Release Date

September 14th 2017