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Or say "Alexa, enable Chegg Flashcards"

Turn Alexa into your study buddy. Review flashcards you've created with the Chegg Flashcards+ iOS App.

This skill turns Alexa into your personal TA or study buddy: You can access any of the flashcards on the Chegg Flashcards+ iOS app and practice them verbally with Alexa. Simply launch the skill by saying &quot;Alexa, open Chegg Flashcards&quot;. If you know the name of the deck you want to study you can say &quot;play {Deck Name}&quot; and Alexa will start testing you on topics from that flashcard deck. You can browse the decks you&rsquo;ve created by saying: &quot;list my decks&quot;.<br/><br/>You can say:<br/>Alexa, ask Chegg Flashcards to play a random deck.<br/>Alexa, tell Chegg Flashcards to teach me &quot;Capitals of countries&quot;.<br/>List my decks.<br/>Play a random deck.<br/>Play &quot;Capitals of countries&quot;.<br/>Teach me 5 cards from &quot;Capitals of countries&quot;.<br/>Study 3 random cards from &quot;Capitals of countries&quot;.<br/><br/>Prerequisites to use the skill:<br/>- Chegg Flashcards+ iOS app.<br/>- You need to create decks in the iOS app.<br/>- When you activate the skill for the 1st time Alexa will help you to link your Chegg Flashcards account. To unlink your account at any time just say: &quot;Sign out&quot;.<br/>- Note: some decks don't play well with Alexa, i.e: chemical elements, math equations.

Invocation Name

chegg flashcards

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Chegg Flashcards.
List my decks.
Play a random deck.

Release Date

November 1st 2017