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Or say "Alexa, enable Chef Sheffey"

Chef Sheffey helps you find and try one of 350,000 recipes.

Find and try over 350,000 recipes by talking to the Chef Sheffey skill and browsing the Chef Sheffey companion app, Reading the Chef Sheffey voice commands below is the most important task for using this skill successfully. LINK APP (Required) New Account: Click the Enable Skill button. You will be connected to Create a new free Chef Sheffey app account. Subscription to the Pantry service is NOT required to use the app for this skill. Current Account : To link an existing Chef Sheffey app account, first logout of the Chef Sheffey app, then from the Alexa app, click Enable Skill button or "Sign into your account" link. Logging into the app with an existing account will link the app to the skill. OVERVIEW There are two primary modes for this skill, FIND and TRY. Using FIND allows you to search for a recipe to TRY. FIND results in a list of up to four recipes, usually with similar or exact titles. So, when the list is read to you, there isn't anything to differentiate the recipes. The companion app will display the search results with a picture, immediately after the search is completed. The voice command to try a recipe is, Try recipe one, two, three or four. In the app, click the star icon on the recipe you want to try. Trying a recipe will create a new current Recipe page and an Ingredients and Instructions list. To navigate and hear ingredients or instructions list items use the GET voice command. VOICE COMMANDS Updated: 5/17/2016 -------------------------------------- OPEN - Alexa, open Chef Sheffey. -------------------------------------- FIND Find a recipe with a one to five word search phrase. - Find cherry pies - Find orange chicken recipes - Find green bean casseroles - Find honey glazed ham recipes Avoid using words like "a", or "an", or "the". -------------------------------------- READ SEARCH Gets search results list and reads title of first recipe. Use Navigate Lists voice commands to navigate - Read Search - Read Search Results - Read Search Results List -------------------------------------- TRY Organizes details of selected recipe into Current Recipe page, Ingredients and Instructions lists, then displays them on the Chef Sheffey app. - Try Recipe One - Try Recipe Two - Try Recipe {Number stated by Alexa, or Displayed on Chef Sheffey search list} -------------------------------------- CURRENT RECIPE Check to see what was the last selected recipe, either from Alexa or the Chef Sheffey app. - What's my current recipe? -------------------------------------- GET Ingredients and Instructions Lists Gets Ingredients or Instructions list and reads the first ingredient or step. - Get my Ingredients list. - Get my Instructions list. -------------------------------------- GET {Position} {List Name} Navigate the Recipes, Ingredients and Instructions lists by saying: GET > First, Current, Next, Previous, Last > Recipe, Ingredient, Instruction or Step For example: - Get first Ingredient - Get next Step - Get last Ingredient. - What's my current step? - What was my previous step? -------------------------------------- DISPLAY Shows the list on the App. - Display my Recipes list. - Display my Ingredients list. - Display my Instructions list. -------------------------------------- HELP Not as helpful as learning this list of commands. - Help. - Help me. -------------------------------------- LEAVE Say Quit to instantly stop the skill. - Leave. - Good bye. - Bye. -------------------------------------- DEVELOPER RESPONSES Customer reviews will be copied here with a developer response: Contact the developer here: Get daily updates on the App Announcement page:

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chef sheffey

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Chef Sheffey.
Find cherry pie recipes.
What's my current recipe?

Release Date

May 23rd 2016