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Or say "Alexa, enable Chef Basil"

Cook your favorite recipes hands-free with the Amazon Alexa.

Tired of getting your smartphone or computer dirty while cooking? Ever go to check the next step on a recipe, just to come back to something burning? If so, Chef Basil is here to help by allowing you to easily search for and navigate your recipes hands-free. Chef Basil has thousands of recipes for you to explore. Once you have picked a recipe, you can ask Chef Basil to read the ingredients and steps to you at your desired pace, stopping and starting whenever you choose. To learn all the ways you can communicate with Chef Basil, visit Contact us at To start, say: Alexa, open Chef Basil To search for a recipe after opening, say: Caesar salad To select a recipe after searching, say: One To read the first ingredient, say: Read the first ingredient To read the next ingredient, say: Read the next ingredient To read the previous ingredient, say: Read the previous ingredient To read the first step, say: Read the first step To read the next step, say: Read the next step To read the previous step, say: Read the previous step To exit, say: Exit To read all the ingredients, say: Alexa, ask Chef Basil to read all the ingredients To read all the steps, say: Alexa, ask Chef Basil to read all the steps To read an overview of the recipe, say: Alexa, ask Chef Basil for an overview of the recipe To read the title of the recipe, say: Alexa, ask Chef Basil what am I cooking To find out how many servings a recipe has, say: Alexa, ask Chef Basil how many servings is this recipe for To read how long the recipe will take, say: Alexa, ask Chef Basil how long will the recipe take

Invocation Name

chef basil

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Chef Basil
Search for Caesar salad
Read the next step

Release Date

May 26th 2016