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Chef Assistant


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Or say "Alexa, enable Chef Assistant"

This skill turns Alexa into your personal cooking assistant. It makes cooking as easy as "next step."

Alexa can now be your personal cooking assistant in your kitchen. No longer do you have to worry about getting your cookbooks dirty with your ingredient covered hands. Chef Assistant allows you to conveniently manage your recipes hands-free. Search from a database of over 365,000 recipes and have Alexa those recipes ingredients back to you as well as guide through the recipe step by step. Need to leave the kitchen to do something else? Chef Assistant will automatically resume the recipe from where you last left off. You can also save your favorite recipes for later. This skill is being actively developed so check it out!

Invocation Name

chef assistant

Interaction Examples

Alexa Start Chef Assistant
save recipe
Ask Chef Assistant to continue

Release Date

April 8th 2017