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Cheeky Suzie


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Or say "Alexa, enable Cheeky Suzie"

Ask Cheeky Suzie to give you some chat up lines.

Welcome to Cheeky Suzie.<br/>The skill that keeps on giving...bad chat up lines (PG). Ask Cheeky Suzie to give you a bad chat up line and see what she comes up with.<br/><br/>Constantly updated with hilarious one liners, you'll feel like you need no one else in your life...<br/><br/>If you enjoy the skill please leave a five star review :)<br/><br/>Good luck!

Invocation Name

cheeky suzie

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Cheeky Suzie.
Alexa, ask Cheeky Suzie for a chat up line.
Alexa, ask Cheeky Suzie to tell me a chat up line.

Release Date

December 23rd 2017