CheatRiverFloatTrip - Alexa Skill


Cima Integration, LLC

Or say "Alexa, enable CheatRiverFloatTrip"

Plan you float trip down the Cheat River in West Virginia

The Cheat River Float Trip skill is used to help you plan for a float trip down the beautiful Cheat River in West Virginia. This Alexa skill will inform you of the river level (in CFS) and water temperature of the Cheat River. In addition, it will provide up to the minute weather conditions for the nearest weather observation site. Finally, using the Cheat River Water Trail website, the skill will provide guidance on what to expect on the river, given the current stream flow.

Invocation Name

cheat river float

Interaction Examples

Alexa open cheat river float
How cold is the river
Should I take the trip

Release Date

August 9th 2017