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Or say "Alexa, enable Characters for Harry Potter"

Get the scoop on your favorite Harry Potter characters! Just say the name of any Harry Potter character and we'll get you the knowledge you need to know!

Ever forgot who someone is when reading Harry Potter? Fear not; Characters for Harry Potter has you covered. Characters for Harry Potter gives a short summary of each character in the Harry Potter franchise. Start by asking "Alexa, ask Potter Characters who Dumbledore is." Alexa will respond with the major accomplishments and information about Albus Dumbledore. There are 200 currently supported characters. Try with the full name of the character if their nicknames do not work. Enjoy!

Invocation Name

potter characters

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Ask Potter Characters who Dumbledore is
Who is Snape?
Who was Cedric Diggory?

Release Date

July 25th 2016