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Or say "Alexa, enable Chaptter"

Chaptter has a curated list of free audiobooks streaming on demand. We have both fiction and non-fiction audibooks a command away. Whats your next chapter?

The Chaptter skill will bring you a world of audiobooks for free and on demand so you can grow and be entertained. We hand select our books per category so you don't have to guess what to look for. Start by saying "Alexa open Chaptter". Chaptter will then give you a selection of genres we have available like business, self improvement and classics. You simply select which genre you like and Chaptter will then tell you all the books available under that genre. You say the name of the book you like or simply say "suggest me one" or "whats popular" and it will play the most popular book. You can always say pause or stop to stop the audiobook from playing or and it will remember where you left off so you can resume from that moment once again. You can always say "skip" to go to the next chapter or say "menu" to go back to the very beginning So go on and start a new chapter and learn and grow by listening to quality books for free and on demand.

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chapter audiobooks

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Alexa open Chapter Audiobooks
What's popular
Suggest me a book

Release Date

August 17th 2017