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Celebrity Tweet Quiz


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Can you detect the celebrity tweets generated by our artificial intelligence?

We trained an artificial intelligence to generate tweets, and taught it using hundreds of popular celebrity accounts. How well do you know your favorite celebrities? Can you tell their real tweets from our fake ones? Try your hand at the Celebrity Tweet Quiz!<br/><br/>Note: This skill contains real tweets as well as automatically generated tweets which have not been manually verified. An automatic profanity filter has been applied, but some tweets may still be offensive or bizarre. The tweets used in this app do not represent the opinion of the developers, and we urge you not to use this skill if you have any concerns about encountering offensive tweets.

Invocation Name

tweet quiz

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask tweet quiz for a Kim Kardashian quiz
Alexa, ask tweet quiz to quiz me on Donald Trump
Alexa, open tweet quiz

Release Date

August 1st 2017