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Celebrity Age Trivia

Ryan Hughes

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Or say "Alexa, enable Celebrity Age Trivia"

Celebrity Age Trivia tests your knowledge when it comes to the ages of Celebrities. Try guessing with your friends and see how high a streak you guys can get!

Celebrity Age Trivia is a fun game where you have to guess the age of random celebrities. To start the game ask Alexa to Launch Celebrity Age Trivia. Then ask for a random celebrity and start guessing! You begin with 5 lives but if you ever get 3 in a row you will earn an extra life. See how many you can get right and compete with your friends. Currently there are only 50 celebrities but we will be adding more.<br/><br/>Some other commands and their feedback are listed below.<br/><br/>Give me a random Celebrity - Prompts you with a random celebrity that you must guess the age of.<br/><br/>Can I have a hint - Gives you an age around the the age of the Celebrity.<br/><br/>My answer is &ldquo; &rdquo; - This is how you answer Alexa and see if you got the age right.<br/><br/>What is my streak - With this command you will be able to see how many you have right in a row and how many you have gotten right<br/><br/>How many lives do i have left - Alexa will tell you how many lives you have left. But don't worry if you ever get 3 in a row you will gain a life!<br/><br/>Reset the game please - This will clear out the celebrity and reset your lives and how many you have gotten right counter to their respective starting amounts.<br/><br/>Help - Give you guidance while the application is open.<br/><br/>We will be adding more celebrities but please enjoy the game and any feedback is welcomed.

Invocation Name

celebrity age trivia

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Launch Celebrity Age Trivia.
Give me a random Celebrity
My Answer is 24

Release Date

March 17th 2017