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Ge Lighting

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Control and use CbyGE products through Alexa

With this skill, you can issue voice commands to Alexa to control your CbyGE Smart Lights. <br/>Before you start, you need set up your C-Reach or Sol device first, then add your CbyGE Smart bulbs into C-Reach or Sol. After this, enable CbyGE skill and start voice control of your bulbs.<br/>This skill is part of the Amazon Smart Home ecosystem. Alexa can control individual bulbs by name, or groups of bulb set up in the Alexa app. You can tell her to turn bulbs/groups on and off, set them to specific dim levels or even change color temperature. <br/><br/>Try telling Alexa to &quot;set &lt;bulb name&gt; to 50%,&quot; or to &quot;turn on &lt;group&gt;.&quot; or to &quot;make &lt;bulb name&gt; warmer&quot;

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on bedroom light
Alexa, dim hallway light by 50 percent
Alexa, set living room light to daylight

Release Date

July 30th 2017