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Categories Game

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Categories Game

Categories Game is a fast-paced word game. In this game, you will be presented with different categories and asked to come up with a word that begins with a certain letter in each category. Stimulate your grey matter in this engaging game!<br/><br/>You'll be scored based on number of attempts. See below.<br/><br/>Example: If&nbsp;the letter &quot;G&quot; was rolled, the players will have to find a city name, a food's name&nbsp;and some other categories, all starting with the letter &quot;G&quot;.<br/><br/>If you enjoyed playing Scrabble&trade; or Scattergories&trade;, you will have tons of fun with Categories Game!<br/><br/>Scoring system:<br/>You get 5 points for answering correctly on a category on the first attempt, 3 points for answering in the second attempt, 1 point for more than two attempts, and no points if you skip a category. You can skip a category by saying &quot;Skip&quot; or &quot;I don't know&quot;. Try maximizing your score by acing all categories without mistakes!

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categories game

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Alexa, open Categories Game
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March 18th 2017