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Cat Rider

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Cat Rider provides arrival time information for University of Vermont shuttles.

Cat Rider provides real-time shuttle information for the University of Vermont's shuttle system.<br/><br/>You can provide a specific shuttle and stop to hear that shuttle's arrival times within the next 30 minutes, or simply provide a stop to hear arrival times for every shuttle coming to that stop within the next 30 minutes. If you provide a shuttle and stop, but the shuttle is out of service or does not visit the provided stop, Cat Rider will inform you and instead provide arrival times for any other shuttles that are visiting that stop.<br/><br/>Once Cat Rider has enough information (a shuttle and a stop, or just a stop), it will make a query to TransLoc Public API, which uses real-time vehicle tracking to get precise arrival estimates.<br/><br/>You can also ask Cat Rider what shuttles are currently in service to get a list of all running shuttles.<br/><br/>Contact:<br/>Adam Barson -

Invocation Name

cat rider

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Cat Rider when the Summer Route shuttle is arriving at Mercy Hall
Alexa, ask Cat Rider for arrivals at WDW
Alexa, ask Cat Rider what shuttles are active

Release Date

August 16th 2017