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Cat Feeder

Darian Johnson

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Or say "Alexa, enable Cat Feeder"

This skill interacts with an built-it-yourself raspberry pi pet feeder to dispense food to your pets. You can get more information here:

The Cat Feeder skill works with a build-it-yourself raspberry pi powered cat feeder to, using Alexa, dispense food to your pets. The skill also provides an update on if your pet has eaten, when your pet last was last fed, or if you need to re-fill your feeder. The user can get instructions on how to build and configure the pet feeder here:

Invocation Name

cat feeder

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask cat feeder to feed my cats
Alexa ask cat feeder do my cats need to be fed
Alexa ask cat feeder do I need to refill my feeder

Release Date

December 4th 2016